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Programs of Study

Where to take piano lessons in Tampa has never been an easier choice. NTPPA was established to make piano lessons from qualified teachers available to students of all levels and ages. Our best classes are reserved for beginners and advanced learners alike. The qualified instructors for adults at our academy are also the same qualified instructors for children. From preschoolers to adults, and for all levels of proficiency, we offer meaningful learning experiences through our piano lessons and group classes! 

We provide a holistic approach to piano learning for piano students in the New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, and Temple Terrace areas. In addition, students looking for a holistic piano-focused training academy travel from Sarasota, Clearwater, and neighboring cities to New Tampa. 
New Tampa Piano and Pedagogy Academy provides comprehensive piano lessons  for students of all ages. Located in the New Tampa area, our piano classes include lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. We also offer beginner adult piano lessons as well as piano classes for adults who have taken lessons before.   It is our aim to offer the best piano lessons possible, applying the current research on learning styles, psychology, and performance. Students come to us for a well-rounded and customized piano training in Tampa.
For students looking for more specialized training, we are able to customize the curriculum to include Music Theory, Music History, Ear Training, Sight Reading, as well as Performance Anxiety remediation focus.

We recommend that all parents expose their children to music from birth, and particularly the piano, starting at the age of 4. 
It is never too early or too late to learn music. The way we learn changes from age to age, so it is important to be exposed to the right kind of information, when the brain is ready to absorb this information and benefit from it. Piano learning provides a wealth of benefit for the brain, and the scientific community has uncovered much of this potential in recent years. At our Academy our youngest student is 4 years old, and we offer classes to students well after their retirement age.  Our programs and methodologies embrace all stages of learning. 
New Tampa Piano and Pedagogy Academy offers piano instruction through our Preparatory Program (for children 4-6 years old), Core Programs (for students in first through twelfth grade) and Adult Programs (for students 18 years old and older). Each program is designed to accommodate the specific learning needs children of different ages and adults have. 

Scientific evidence states the many neurological benefits of piano lessons for students of all ages; whether you are looking to receive instruction in private piano lessons as a beginner, intermediate or advanced levels, or piano classes in groups. Learning how to play the piano may strengthen and create new connections in our brains, and increase our capacity to concentrate, focus, and apply information in new settings. Taking piano lessons and coupling that with daily practice required at home, can boost patience, attention, and discipline in our lives. For children and adults with reduced motor skills, learning how to play the piano may challenge these brain connections, increase motor movement and even strengthen coordination. Finally, learning how to express inner feelings and emotions through music may teach us a healthy way to express ourselves in a productive and meaningful way in other areas of our lives.

Group Music Class for babies and toddlers (birth through 4 years old) accompanied by a parent or guardian.

45 min. group classes for students in VPK and Kinder. Concepts include rhythm, ear training, music notation and piano pieces.

A piano lesson in which both student and parent engage in piano learning. 30 min. long weekly lesson for students 5 years old.

For students first grade through high school. 30 min. weekly private lesson + 60 min. biweekly group class.

For students first grade through high school. 45 min. weekly private lesson + 60 min. biweekly group class.

For students first grade through high school. 60 min. weekly private lesson + 60 min. biweekly group class.

For students 18 years and older. 30 min. weekly private lesson + 60 min. group class four times during the Academic Year.

For students 18 years and older. 45 min. weekly private lesson + 60 min. group class four times during the Academic Year.

For students 18 years and older. Group class piano for beginner adults in our Clavinova Piano Lab. Meets 60 min. weekly.

It is never too late to learn how to play the piano. Recreational group piano lessons for Senior Citizens meets for 50 min. weekly.

Program Details

PIANO AND MUSIC PREPARATORY PROGRAM   Classes in our piano preparatory program are taught by qualified piano teachers with Masters and Doctorate degrees, following the way students this age naturally learn. This piano program is ava

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Calendar 2023-2024

Wednesday, August 9th School year begins. First day of classes.
Monday, September 4th Labor Day – No classes.
Wednesday, Oct. 4th and Thursday, October 5th Faculty Training- No classes
Friday, October 27th Faculty Recital-all invited. No classes.
Monday, October 30th- Friday, December 8th Recital Rehearsals attendance to all group classes is mandatory.
Tuesday, November 21st– Sunday, November 26th Thanksgiving Break – No classes.
Saturday, December 9th and Sunday, December 10th Winter Student Recital Series -No classes.
Friday, December 22nd Last day of classes in 2023
Saturday, December 23rd– Friday, January 5th Winter Break – No classes.
Saturday, January 6th, 2024 Classes resume.
Monday, March 11th – Sunday, March 17th Spring Break – No classes.
Tuesday, April 2nd- Thursday, April 4th Faculty Training-No classes.
Friday, April 19th Faculty Recital-all invited. No classes.
Monday, May 13th-Friday, June 21st Recital Rehearsals begin-attendance to all group classes is mandatory.
Monday, May 27th Memorial Day – No classes.
Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday, June 23rd Spring Student Recital Series - No classes.
Monday, June 24th – Sunday, July 7th Summer Break – No classes.
Monday, July 8th Summer Session begins.
Sunday, August 11th Last day of summer session.
Monday, August 12th, 2024 School year begins. First day of regular classes

Performance and Examinations

Piano examinations and performance opportunities are available to our piano students in order to contribute to their academic excellence and well-rounded musical education. Students who are interested may enroll in the Royal Conservatory of Music exams; an internationally recognized examination system with graded levels, which covers all aspects of music learning. In the Royal Conservatory of Music international examination system, exams are held several times a year at our Academy, proctored by an examiner provided by the RCM. Students who take this piano exam receive a grade, certificate, and written feedback from professionally trained adjudicators that are not one of the piano instructors at our Piano Academy. When applying to college, a track record of exams taken shows a level of commitment and expertise to the college and universities our students apply to. 

Student Recitals - Student piano recitals are held twice a year, in the months of December and June. Students perform both individually and in groups. Recitals are ‘the cherry on top of the cake.’ Long hours of preparation and the love for music sharing are showcased while developing our students’ confidence and sense of pride in the work completed. 

Piano College Preparation - As our students approach college, our faculty may help students prepare repertoire to be recorded as part of their college package material. For students applying for a music degree, our faculty help prepare audition pieces and other musical requirements. Some students choose our Piano Academy for their post high-school piano studies. We design college-level curriculum that encompasses all areas of music training, with emphasis on piano performance and piano teaching. 

Summer Programs

Summer Programs are filled with age and level-appropriate activities, designed to spark interest and challenge the musical imagination in students.

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