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Dr. Ricardo Pozenatto

Dr. Ricardo Pozenatto is a pianist and teacher originally from São Paulo, Brazil. After receiving his Bachelor of Music in piano performance, Dr. Pozenatto enrolled as an instructor to accompany children’s choirs and taught music theory to groups of adult students in different underprivileged areas of São Paulo.

He continued his musical education in the United States, completing Master of Music degrees in collaborative piano (Lynn University) and solo piano performance (Florida Atlantic University). He graduated with a Doctoral Degree in Piano Pedagogy (Ph.D. in Music Education) from Florida State University.

Dr. Pozenatto is a music instructor who nurtures the values of discipline, autonomy, self-awareness, and respect in his students, acknowledging that all teaching processes are individualized. He strives to equip his students with the tools and knowledge needed to positively impact our society through music-making. Dr. Pozenatto is a teacher who believes that the transformative power of music education reaches its full potential when employed beyond the walls of the music classroom.

Email: Ricardo@NewTampaPPA.com


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