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Summer Programs

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Welcome to the Summer 2021 Programs at New Tampa Piano and Pedagogy Academy! 

Our Summer Programs are filled with age and level-appropriate activities, designed to spark interest and challenge the musical imagination and knowledge in our students. 



For students entering Kindergarten in Fall 2021

Celebrate your Kindergartener's growing independence with activities and prepare them for one-on-one piano lessons. Lesson content includes: piano pieces, singing, piano technique, rhythm development, ear training and musical concepts.

·  Instructor: Dr. Judith Jain
·  Only 6 students in a class
·  Classes are in-person only
·  Cost: eight 45 min. classes. $182
·  Time: 5:05-5:50pm
You may choose from Wednesday or Thursday classes

WEEKLY PIANO LESSONS (In-Person or Online)

A holistic approach to piano learning with elements of Music Reading and Sight Reading, Ear Training, Music Theory, Composition, and Improvisation. 
Continuing students may choose to focus on "special projects" (Bollywood, Pop, Christian music, etc.)

Our current plan is to offer summer private lessons both at the Academy and online, depending on your preference. 
Current Students AGES 4- Adults

Summer session: July 6th - Aug. 9th
July monthly payment remians the same as every other month.
New Students Ages 6-Adults
May start the lessons as early as June

Five 30 min. lessons: $149
Five 45 min. lessons: $197
   Five 60 min. lessons: $245   

SUMMER CAMPS (In-Person or Online)
Are you wondering what your young pianists will do at home summer mornings while you are working? Think no more. You can enroll them in our Weekly Summer Camps! 

Are you wondering what your young pianists will do at home summer mornings while you are working? Think no more. You can enroll them in our Weekly Summer Camps! 

RCM Music Theory Camp
For students in RCM levels PREP, 1-8 or equivalent
This Music Theory immersion will prepare students for the better understanding of music and piano playing. You may choose to attend online or in person.  In person number of students limited to 6 in the classroom. 

Levels PREP and 1: July 6th-July 9th
Tues.-Frid. 9am-12pm. Cost: $159
Mode: Online or In-person

Levels 2, 3 and 4: Week of July 19th
Mon.-Frid. 9am-12pm. Cost: $179
Mode: Online or In-person
Levels 5-8: Week of July 26th
Prepares students for the RCM Summer Theory Examinations.
Monday - Friday: 9am-12pm (the days with Mock Exams, students will stay longer).
Tuition: $189
Mode: Online
Composition and Improvisation Camp  
Students will enjoy the most creative side of piano playing: creating their own music.
-For students in RCM levels 1-10, or equivalent

Week of July 12th 
Monday - Friday: 9am-12pm
Tuition: $189
Mode: Online

Current Students, are automatically enrolled in summer private lessons. Please complete this form for enrolleing in summer camps CLICK HERE
New Students interested in joining our summer camps and private piano lessons, please schedule an interview with Dr. Judith Jain to assure proper placement and to answer your questions.
To schedule FREE interview Call 813-994-2452 or CLICK HERE
Email: admin@NewTampaPPA.com

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