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"Dr. Jain is an expert pianist and teacher - an artist and a mentor. She is enthusiastic, passionate, and committed to making beautiful music at the keyboard and to passing this art on to future generations."

- Sara M. Ernst, PhD, NCTM, Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy at the University of South Carolina

"Judith Jain is a truly gifted teacher and pianist. I had the great pleasure of performing ensemble works with Judith at Carnegie Hall. Judith is a master at not only playing with command and musicality, but at communicating with her audience.

As the Educational Director at the New School for Music Study (Princeton area, NJ), I worked directly with Judith and was able to observe her teaching on a regular basis. She is an exceedingly warm and exciting teacher. She thinks deeply about piano teaching and her students love her! I have heard her adult students say on more than one occasion: "Judith is the best teacher that I have ever had." Her young students also adored her and performed beautifully on recitals."

- Amy Glennon, Educational Director, the New School for Music Study

“The school is run by wonderful teachers with the guidance of Dr Jain herself who is very accomplished and dedicated teacher. The talent of the children was self evident of the high quality program. Our daughter joined the programs few months back. Even more important than learning something, is the love of learning something. Thats what the school has done for our little one. Thanks you again and we wish you the best of luck going forward.”

- Bobby S, New Tampa, FL

“I enrolled my twin 4 year old girls in the beginning piano program. [Our instructor] is an excellent teacher and keeps the girls focused on their task at hand. The girls enjoy playing on the piano at home. We look forward to a long relationship.”

- Hemwattie I, New Tampa, FL

"My 9 year old daughter couldn't be happier studying under Dr. Jain. Dr. Jain is very passionate about what she does and that flows through her work and into my daughter. My daughter has developed confidence and poise while working with Dr. Jain. She has learned ways to deal with challenging pieces so they are not overwhelming but rather manageable. These are all wonderful life skills that she is learning on top of just the music itself."

- Anne, Parent. New Tampa, FL.

“Our 6 years old daughter has been attending weekly private piano lessens at the New Tampa Piano & Pedagogy Academy since mid April 2015, and she recently joined the 3 weeks piano summer camp. She is very happy with the piano school and instructors, and is always motivated to play the piano at home too. Dr. Jain and the piano instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and very caring about their students.”

- R. Cruz, New Tampa, FL

“You will not get the amazing professionalism and theory of piano instruction anywhere else! The instructors are amazingly intelligent and gifted! I have learned so much-and have retained it all-in the short time I have been with the school then when I took piano lessons when I was a child.”

- Lisette B, New Tampa, FL

"I have enjoyed taking piano lessons from Dr. Jain for 2 years. She is a very professional, caring, and patient teacher. Can't wait to start the Fall session. I am one of her oldest adult students. Amazing Teacher, Excellent Pianist!! Lot's of fun!"

- Joyce Marsh, New Tampa, FL.
Dr. Jain is wonderful! My daughter has flourished in piano and I look forward to having my second child begin with Dr. Jain. As a busy working mother of three, it is challenging to find a teacher who will work within my schedule as well. Not only is Dr. Jain an incredible teacher, she works with the parents in providing accessible times for lessons for those with not so much flexibility. She is a gift to the Tampa area!
- Sloane Morgan, Parent. Wesley Chapel, FL.

Very enthusiastic and energetic teacher, great motivator for my daughter, thank you for your wonderful job.

- Sujatha, Parent. Tampa, FL.

"My daughter came to Dr. Jain as a high school freshman with 8 years of piano studies and with a RCM rank of the top performance score in Florida and the top music theory score in the nation. She was searching for a deeper understanding of music and immediately recognized Dr. Jain as the person that could help her reach her potential. Dr. Jain’s methods of analyzing scores, mentally preparing to play, and holistically approaching new pieces has strengthened my daughter’s ability to tackle challenging music. Moreover, Dr. Jain coached my daughter this summer on rigorous college-level subjects like transposing instruments in orchestral scores to help prepare her for an upcoming AP Music Theory course. As parents, we all want the best possible education for our children; for this, you need Dr. Jain."

- Diane, parent. New Tampa, FL.

“My daughter likes the school and is eager to go to class every week. Piano lesson is now her favorite thing in the week. Thanks for keeping her interests growing!!!”

- New Tampa Parent

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